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Missouri students ‘Stand with Sam’ to prevent Westboro Baptist Church protest

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When Michael Sam came out as a gay man, the majority of the responses towards the Missouri Tiger have been incredibly supportive (mine included). But, as always, there are some people that were not as supportive. And unfortunately, there are some people that were downright hateful, such as the infamously hateful Westboro Baptist Church. In fact, the Westboro Baptist Church announced that they planned to protest Sam’s lifestyle on the Missouri campus on Saturday.

Mizzou students had other plans.

Students Alix Carruth and Kelaney Lakers organized a human wall and created the hashtag “#StandWithSam” in order to prevent the WBC from stepping foot onto their campus.






Great stuff out of Mizzou.


Sports-Kings Down and Distance contributor Dylan Veltkamp @DylanVeltkampSK

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