Move over 12th Man, Chiefs own Record for Loudest Crowd in the World

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The Seattle Seahawks’ 12th man had the glory of being the loudest fans on Earth, but it didn’t last long.

On September 15th the Hawks Nest hosted the 49ers with the Guinness Book of World Records present, with intentions of setting the world record for the loudest crowd. They ended up setting the world record at 131.6 decibels, only to break it themselves in the third quarter – raising the bar to 136.6 decibels.

This week, as the Chiefs hosted the Raiders – trying to break the Raiders’ streak of winning six straight at Arrowhead – along with the intentions of breaking the Seahawks record, Chiefs fans wanted to make it loud and uncomfortable for the Raiders. They did so, as they held the Raiders in check for most of the game and the noise attributed to several pre-snap penalties for the Silver and Black.

The signs at Arrowhead even pushed the Chiefs fans, saying “Make Seattle Hear You”


(Credit: SBNation)

It took them a while, but the Chiefs fans did end up breaking Seattle’s record with a few minutes left in the game as the Chiefs sealed the deal against the Raiders 24 to 7 – setting the new one at 137.5 decibels



So a record that wasn’t official until just under a month ago has already been broken, and to be fair to Chiefs fans – they did it without a specially designed stadium that recycles crowd noise. Seahawks fans are a competitive group however, so I see them inviting the Guiness guys around again.

Here’s the record being signed official:

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