Navy officer gets hate mail for NFL pursuit

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During an interview with the NFL Network, Navy reserves officer and Redskins fullback Eric Kettani admits he received hate mail (Credit:

During an interview with the NFL Network, Navy reserves officer and Redskins fullback Eric Kettani admits he received hate mail for his decision to join the NFL (Credit:

Today, is one of those days where all I can is shake my head and realize that certain people are beyond cruel. During an interview with NFL Network, Washington Redskins full back Eric Kettani, who is an officer in the Navy Reserve, admitted that he has received hate mail for trying to pursue a career in the NFL.

Kettani has a deal with the Navy reserves that allows him to perform seven years of public affairs work while he pursues his NFL career. Due to his decision to leave the service early, Kettani admits he has received some hate mail.

“Absolutely, I received some hate mail, saying go back to the military, do your job and do what you signed up for,” Kettani said. “And they have every right to say that.”

In 2009, the New England Patriots placed Kettani on their reserve/military list while the Navy graduate fulfilled his military obligations. Kettani spent his first two years in the Navy stationed on a ship. Kettani was assigned to a counter-terrorism unit.

“We went down to South America, off the coast of Columbia doing drug interdiction operations,” Kettani told NFL Network chief health and safety correspondent Andrea Kremer. “We were out there surveilling and trying to find go-fasters. … drug boats that were trying to carry drugs from South America, Central America to the United States.”

In 2011, the Patriots brought Kettani to camp but he was called back to active duty again six weeks later. After another year of active duty, Kettani was allowed to work towards an NFL career through the U.S. Department of Defense policy that allows an Academy graduate with “unique talents and abilities” to request an early release.

The Patriots released Kettani right before the beginning of last season. The Redskins signed him one week earlier and signed him to their practice squad team.

Now, head coach Mike Shanahan is hoping Kettani will be their guy at the fullback position.

“To have a guy like that serve our country,” Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said, “you feel like you’re in good hands.

“He has to do everything you ask him to do, plus more. He’s very intelligent, he doesn’t make mistakes, he’s an overachiever. Those are usually the guys who do a great job when they get the opportunity.”

Whether or not Kettani will make the final Redskins roster, why someone would send him hate mail is beyond me. He has the right to pursue a career in the NFL while he still has the opportunity.

In the end, some people just need to get a life.

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