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There is a new sheriff in town. The middle of the field will no longer be a safe place to dump the ball off against the Dallas Cowboys.

With the 248th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Dallas Cowboys chose Baylor’s safety Ahmad Dixon. Dixon is a 6’0” 212 lb missile.

Make no mistakes, the scouts knew what they were doing when the put Dixon on the draft board. Dixon does not play with perfect technique, but he brings something special to the field.

Dixon is part recklessness, part tenaciousness, part punishing and he leaves it all on the field at the end of the game. In my game preview for the Dallas/Miami game, I said Dixon would make his presence known and he did not disappoint me.

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The kind of penalty Dixon drew at the end of the game was perhaps unnecessary, but that is how Ahmad Dixon plays. He is rough, but has the heart to become a special player in this league.

Dixon will join Barry Church and J.J. Wilcox as the most physical group of safeties that Dallas has had in a very long time. With this group of players manning the center of the field, opposing receivers and running backs coming out of the backfield are going to hear thundering footsteps. Not one of these safeties are afraid to police the middle of the field and lay down the law when trespassers come looking to steal some ground.

Ahmad Dixon is the new bad ’boy of the bunch. Dixon brings a new level of aggressiveness to the defense. Aggressiveness is something that has been lacking from this defense for too long. We all hope his play will infect the defensive line. – contributor Whitebear560 – Whitebear560 Facebook – @whitebear560 Twitter

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