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NFL not concerned with coaches on the field

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A surprising story this season has been the arising issue of NFL coaches straying onto the field, with multiple incidents occurring with big-name head coaches like Jim Harbaugh, Pete Carroll, and most notably, Mike Tomlin.

Even after penalties, fines, and in the Steelers’ case a potential loss of a draft pick, coaches still manage to find their way onto the field of play. However, since in both Jim Harbaugh’s and Pete Carroll’s cases, they were behind the play, and the league does not see it as an issue.

“The practical application of the rule is that unless there is interference with a player or game official, it is not going to be called,” an NFL spokesman said on Monday. “The officials will not turn and look for this behind the play.”

There is only an issue when the coach actually interferes with a play or a referee, so there isn’t much of a reason for these coaches to stop. There shouldn’t be any more problems, unless, of course, a coach nearly trips Jacoby Jones returning a kickoff.


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