NFL Players Vote New England Patriots Best Franchise; Cleveland Worst

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According to a Sporting News poll of NFL players, the Cleveland Browns were voted the worst franchise in the NFL while the Patriots were voted the best (Credit: AP Photo)

Yesterday, the results of a poll of NFL players was released. According to the poll, head coach Rex Ryan was the most overrated coach in the league, while Mike Smith and Gary Kubiak were named most underrated.  Today, more results from the poll were released and they focus on the best franchises in the NFL.

According to The Sporting News, who conducted the interview, the players of the NFL believe the New England Patriots are the best franchise in the NFL and the Cleveland Browns are the worst.

None of this comes are a surprise since the Patriots are perennial playoff contenders and are led by a Hall of Fame quarterback. The Cleveland Browns on the other hand are nearly the complete opposite of the Patriots.

The poll did not ask players to label franchises from 1 to 32, but rather asked them which franchise was the worst and which was the best.

Here are the results:

Which is the worst organization in the NFL?

1. Browns – 20 votes

2. Jaguars – 19 votes

3. Raiders – 19 votes

4. Bills – 9 votes

5. Bengals – 7 votes

6. Chiefs – 5 votes

7. Jets – 5 votes

8. Panthers – 3 votes

9. Cowboys, Dolphins, Rams, Buccaneers – 2 votes

Which is the best organization in the NFL?

1. Patriots – 34

2. Steelers – 21

3. Giants – 19

4. Packers – 15

5. Ravens, Cowboys, Texans, 49ers, Seahawks – 2


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