NFLPA and Vilma’s lawsuits against NFL to be consolidated

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From left to right: Jonathan Vilma, Anthony Hargrove, Will Smith and Scott Fujita (Credit: AP Photo/File)

Judge Helen G. Berrigan ordered the NFLPA’s lawsuit against the NFL on behalf of Scott Fujita, Will Smith and Anthony Hargrove, and Jonathan Vilma’s defamation suit against the league be consolidated in Louisiana District Court on Friday.

Berrigan also set a pre-trial settlement conference between the two sides for July 23.

The NFLPA’s suit was filed on Thursday. Vilma also amended his complaint on Thursday, while filing for a temporary restraining order hearing, during which he plans to seek a preliminary injunction to stop his suspension from going into effect while his lawsuit is still pending.

The settlement conference, which will held before Berrigan in New Orleans, is standard in cases like these, and usually is an effort by the court, and not the plaintiffs or defendants, to settle the matter out of court.

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  • Yea well, Brees said he was tired of hearing about it, & this keeps it in the media. They’re the ones not allowing it to resolve (well admit they were/are wrong). & furthermore they were also included in the suit, um in the deformation part; that Goodell released information on it, & in fact I recall him concluding it all 1st, then he disclosed at least the part I remember, was the part where they had wire taps. Wire tapping means they had some sort of official warrant! So there has to be internal officials that can receive & deliver court orders.
    So I don’t know man… sounds like quite the injunction, to me. So a very lengthy investigation, done very thoroughly, & precise; I see the Commissioner had his homework turned in on this one already, before all this.

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