NFL’s 2014 Top Paid Players at Every Position

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Every off-season, teams scramble to re-sign their own players and lure high-profile free agents to fill holes in their team to either keep them in to contention or get them there. Some of these signings prove to be bargain values, such as those of quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, while others are disastrous, setting the team back years because of the damage to their cap space. Some of the players on this list may surprise fans and leave them wondering, “What was my team thinking?” If a player is making the most at their position, then obviously there is little chance for them to be underpaid; however, there are plenty of instances where these top salary earners are making more than they are worth.

Each write-up includes the player’s 2014 cap hit as well as their rank from Pro Football Focus at their position. Player stats are pulled from ESPN and contract information is courtesy of spotrac. Note that Pro Football Focus does not divide left and right tackles in their grades, but this piece shows the difference between the top paid tackles. Also, defensive ends and outside linebackers are categorized differently if they play in a 3-4 defense or a 4-3 defense. All players 2013 positions were used for this articles, regardless if they played a different position in 2012 or are projected to play somewhere else in 2014.

In theory (and ideally), the top paid players at every position should be the highest performing; however, the player’s body of work is a big contributor to whether he is overpaid or not.

Here is a look at the top money makers at every position in the NFL for 2014.

Click for the NFL’s Top 10 Paid Players in 2014.

Turn the page for the quarterback.

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