Niners Colin Kaepernick delivers 87 mph pitch

Cary Edmondson, USA TODAY Sports

Cary Edmondson, USA TODAY Sports

In Friday night’s San Francisco Giants game hosting the Marlins, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick threw out the first pitch.  He certainly did not disappoint.

The Giants broadcast team clocked the opening pitch at 87 mph.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise given that Kaepernick reportedly was throwing balls in the 90′s as a high-school pitcher.

A similar story arose in Seattle at a Mariners game, where it was being boasted that Seahawks QB Russell Wilson whizzed his opener in at 98 mph.  It was found out later that the truth was stretched and that the pitch was actually pegged at 75.

With that kind of ability with a football, Kaepernick could fall in with a category of highly talented ‘gunslinger’ quarterbacks such as John Elway, Brett Favre, and Dan Marino.  With his athleticism and running ability, he may very well stand out among this greats.  If not, apparently there’s always baseball.

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