Oregon scores on the rarest play in football, a one point safety

During Thursday’s game against the Kansas State Wildcats, the Oregon Ducks have already lined up and converted a two point conversion. With 8:03 left in the third quarter, Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota rushed for a two yard touchdown.

On the ensuing PAT, Oregon’s kick was blocked and the ball trickled into the end-zone. Instead of letting the ball hit the ground, Kansas State’s Ryan Mueller tried to advance the ball but ran back into the end-zone. Mueller then tried to lateral the ball back to Allen Chapman, who was tackled into the end-zone.

Originally, the players, coaches, announcers and fans believed it was simply a failed PAT and Oregon would lead 31-10.

Instead, official Ron Cherry walked to the middle of the field, turned on his mic, and announced that Oregon was receiving on the rarest points in football, a one point safety.

That is right, in case you did not know, you can score a one point safety.

Check out the play below and be prepared to never see this again:

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