Packers CEO says Redskins name is “very derogatory to a lot of people”

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Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy tells a local radio station that the Redskins name is 'derogatory' (Credit: NY Daily News)

Green Bay Packers CEO Mark Murphy tells a local radio station that the Redskins name is ‘derogatory’ (Credit: NY Daily News)

This off-season, the idea of changing the Washington Redskins name became a hot topic. Some people, include myself, believe the Redskins name is offensive to Native Americans. Hoping to show that Native Americans are not offended by the term, the Redskins discussed their name with a local Native American. However, following the interview, Deadspin reported the man they interviewed was actually not a Native American. The idea of changing the Redskins name became so popular that it even hit the House floor, where the name was called ‘racist’ and ‘derogatory’.

Yesterday, another person added to the discussion on changing the Redskins name. Packers CEO Mark Murphy spoke to WSSP-AM on Tuesday and the idea of changing the Redskins name was discussed.

“I don’t know if there is any way you can change Redskins,” Packers CEO Mark Murphy told WSSP-AM.

“The owner, Dan Snyder, has come out very strong that he will never change the name.  But I am sensitive.  It’s a name that’s very derogatory to a lot of people.”

Murphy was a member of the Washington Redskins’ first Super Bowl roster. He also understands how it feels to play on a team that has a mascot that may offend Native Americans.

“When I was the athletic director at Colgate, their nickname was the Red Raiders,” Murphy told WSSP.  “At some point in time, there was an Indian mascot.  That went away.  They kept the Red Raiders name.  We studied it long and hard, got a lot of complaints, particularly from faculty on campus.  But eventually changed it to just Raiders.”

The idea of changing the Redskins name may always be a debated idea that never comes to fruition.

Until owner Dan Snyder changes his mind about the name, nothing will change.

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3 Responses to Packers CEO says Redskins name is “very derogatory to a lot of people”

  • No Problem Just call them the White Skins. Then the Blacks will be jealous because most of the players are blacks play for the REDSKINS. Call them the Black Skins and you will have Al Sharpton down your throats. can’t win. Red Skins should be a wonderful comment to the Indian people. Washington Red Skins is a great name. Just look at it for what it really means. Great Indians They should be proud.

  • You friggin’ clown;
    In THIS day and age there is a WORD in every location that’s offensive to SOMEBODY. and for some asinine reason.
    “Oh, I don’t like the Packers cuz it ‘s named after all the slaves PACKED into the slave ships.”
    Right ON!! NO MORE “PACKERSl”
    Lets start a petition on
    Lets rile up everybody and go before Congress.

    Now, clown, go change your stadium name, your play books, your uniforms, your pro shop gear, your pennants, your world titles, your web page, etc etc.
    From Packers to Green Bay NICE-GUYS. NO?
    No that’s sexist GREENBAY NICE-PERSONS
    There you go! Now go fix your own friggin’ team.

  • Only an uneducated mind as to think outside of the box would say such a dumb ass thing as that Packer CEO. I would believe that it would be an honour to me to be called a Redskin like in Washington Redskin. Besides an Indian should be proud of his skin. Their thinking is wrong. Actually we love the Indians so why the problem. Most Indians are great people and sure they have their customs and so do other races so let them have their way of life if it’s what they have learned and brought up with.

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