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Panthers Safety to Drew Brees: ‘Stop being soft’

  • Pistol Peat

When San Francisco 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks was flagged for a hit on Saints quarterback Drew Brees, a flag that ultimately cost San Francisco a crucial win, fans, analysts, and players alike weighed in on the questionable call.

While most people have put the blame on the NFL and their overzealous efforts to make the game safer at the expense of the game itself, Carolina Panthers safety Mike Mitchell has taken aim at the Saints quarterback himself.

“The thing that I hated about the play — the whole thing — and this is what these offensive guys are doing: They’re kind of running with it,” Mitchell said Thursday on the “FnA” podcast from Fox Sports L.A.  “Drew Brees is throwing a fit in the post-game interview saying how he got hit in the chin and he was dazed, and all this other stuff.  And it’s like, dude, the replay clearly shows he did not even touch you in the chin.

“Stop being soft, get up off the ground. You fumbled the football, that’s why the only reason you were acting like you were hurt, is so you could draw a flag.”

Mitchell went as far as to claim that the NFL should implement a flopping penalty for offensive players trying to draw a flag. Especially when calls like this, where the game is on the line.

“I think that’s really was the reason he was down so long,” Mitchell said of Brees. “He was really trying to sell that and trying to get a flag.  And obviously it worked, and their team was able to steal a win because of that play.”

While in theory a flopping penalty would work, leaving yet another judgement call for the refs to make when they already have enough trouble with their current duties would leave even more room for ridicule and questionable calls.

You just have to lower the target level,” Mitchell said. “I know wide-receivers are getting pissed about guys hitting them in the knees, but I’m not trying to get give another $20,000 to the NFL, so you will get hit in the in the stomach or the knee area by me.  I’m not doing it in a dirty way at all to hurt anyone, but at the same time I’m not getting these $50 million contracts.”

While it may seem extreme, Mitchell’s comments are exactly what is wrong with the NFL’s logic. Players have no choice but to aim for the lower body, causing injuries to player’s ACL’s and ending careers when player safety is the reason they’re aiming for the rules in the first place.

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