Patriots Chandler Jones adds muscle; sets high sophomore mark for himself

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Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones flew on to the scene last year out of Syracuse, and was arguably the defensive rookie of the year. Jones is definitely not satisfied yet, though. This may be a result of having two brothers, one who won a Super Bowl last year, and the other being the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. 

Reports say that Jones has shed ten pounds in an effort to become more fit, and is shooting for 19 sacks this upcoming season. This is what Jones had to say in response to some comparing him to Houston Texans sensation JJ Watt, courtesy of NESN:

He says all of that work should help him make an even bigger impact on the field this season. In fact, he’s not ruling out a J.J. Watt-type jump in production. “I feel like a lot of that production comes from guys being more familiar with the game,” Jones said.

“You go into your rookie year, and your rookie year you get those pregame jitters. Now, I’m going into sophomore, you’re more fluid and more comfortable even communicating with guys next to you. Less thinking and more just green light — going. So, I’m excited to attack this Year 2.”

When asked if the Watt comparison meant fans could expect 19 sacks from him in 2013, Jones replied with a laugh, “Every Pats fan should accept that.”

Jones made the remarks during a radio interview, so Jones may have meant “expect” instead of “accept,” but I definitely don’t want to put words in his mouth. Either way, it is clear he has set a high-bar for himself in his sophomore campaign, and given his natural athleticism and work ethic, I wouldn’t put it past him.

By: Frank Santos

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