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Patriots fans chant “Brady! Brady!” when Tim Tebow takes the field

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

Patriots fans have been spoiled with excellent quarterback play over the last decade or so, and Tom Brady is still performing at a high level, so it’s no surprise that fans aren’t going ballistic for newly acquired Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow was welcomed to New England by fans chanting "Brady! Brady!) (Credit: AP Photo)

Tim Tebow was welcomed to New England by fans chanting “Brady! Brady!) (Credit: AP Photo)

When Tebow started his career in Denver as a first-round pick, fans wanted him on the field immediately for what he accomplished at Florida. He didn’t see the field at all in his rookie season, and pressure from fans finally got him into the lineup.

After a pretty miraculous second half of the season and leading Denver to the Playoffs he was traded to New York, where Jets fans screamed and screamed for him to start.

It’s safe to say that fans have had a pretty big voice on what they want to happen with him. John Fox folded under pressure and Rex Ryan just ignored it all.

Things are a little different in Foxboro, though.

Tebow was welcomed to the team by fans chanting “Brady! Brady!” after Tebow took forever to make something happen during eleven-on-eleven drills.

Besides Skip Bayless, I’m not sure anyone is going to be rallying for Tebow to take the reigns in New England, dethroning Tom Brady.


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