Pats DE Chandler Jones Keeping Injury On The Low

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Winslow Townson/SI

Winslow Townson/SI

Rookie defensive end Chandler Jones suffered an ankle injury last Sunday against the Texans.  The severity of the injury is on the hush.  It’s not surprising as the Patriots keep very quiet about anything, let alone injuries.  On any given Sunday, the majority of the roster can have ‘game time decision’ status, keeping everyone guessing.  But Chandler won’t even tell his own brother how his ankle is?  Really?  Well, it might be because his brother, defensive end Arthur Jones, plays for the Ravens.  Despite their thick blood line, Chandler isn’t about to give his brother’s team an edge.

“I know he got rolled up bad last week, so I was trying to figure out if he was going to play or not and get the inside scoop,” Arthur Jones said.  “But he’s doing a good job not telling me anything.”

Chandler is expected to play against Baltimore for the AFC crown and a trip to the big show, and says he’ll do everything he can to play through the ankle injury.

“It’s fortunate to have the opportunity to play against my brother,” Chandler Jones said.  “But it all boils down to us trying to win and achieve our goal.”

Chandler is a key element to New England’s defense.  If he’s healthy and can perform at the level he usually does, it will put the Patriots one step closer to achieving their goal.

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