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Peyton Manning mentors new teammates on the golf course

  • Luke Willis
 (Credit: CBS)

(Credit: CBS)

The Denver Broncos held their annual golf outing this week, and quarterback Peyton Manning took the opportunity to mentor some of the rookies and new Broncos.

Manning requested rookie receiver Cody Latimer, rookie offensive tackle Michael Schofield and free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders to be on his team which allowed him to interact and get to know his new teammates in hopes that they’ll mesh better and more quickly with the team. 

“They told me I was already taken, that No. 18 had asked for me,” Latimer told USA Today.

“It was just an honor that he wanted to get to know me,” Latimer said. “And then he also taught me how to play golf. He didn’t know till we got there that I had never golfed.”

No matter how Latmer’s career pans out, he’ll be able to say one thing that many can’t, Peyton Manning taught him how to play golf.


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