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Plaxico Burress wants to join the Bears?

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Will Plaxico play for the Bears this year? Definitely, if it were up to Burress.
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Plaxico Burress has to be one of the stranger mysteries of the NFL this year. Maybe it’s his age, or maybe there is a character issue not being publicized, but it seemed that he showed enough last season with the Jets for an NFL team to at least take a flyer on him. However, that was not the case, and Burress remains on his couch as each Sunday passes. Reports now seem to indicate the free agent wide receiver is attempting to capitalize on the unfortunate injury to Bears impressive rookie Alshon Jeffrey, and has made his desire to play in Chicago public.

Burress, in a phone interview with ESPN Chicago, said it would be an honor to play in Chicago, and their talented squad:

“For me to get to a football town like Chicago and play with a group of guys like (Matt) Forte, Brian (Urlacher), (Brandon Marshall) and Jay (Cutler) would be an honor,” Burress said by phone on Tuesday. “I just have to get the green light.”

Burress went on to say he is only looking for one thing: a chance to show what he can do:

“All it will take is a coach or GM to believe in me. I just need one. I think teams would be very happy with what I bring to the locker room and the field.”

I tend to agree with Plax’s take. As mentioned earlier, it did seem like he showed enough with the Jets last season to at least be on somebody’s radar, and get a sniff in training camp. Particularly, the fit in Chicago with Jeffrey out, who brings a lot of similar things that Burress brings to the football field, could be one that meshes well for both parties involved. Maybe Plax needs to take a trick out of fellow free-agent Terrell Owens’ book, and take to twitter instead.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Assistant Site Manager

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