No ‘Pondering’ why Christian is unhappy in Minnesota

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AP Photo/Michael Conroy

AP Photo/Michael Conroy

Although reports indicated that Matt Cassel was to get the start when Carolina comes to town this weekend, Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier wouldn’t publicly name a starter Thursday.  The answer however seems clear just based off of Christian Ponder’s comments and demeanor.

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.  We’ll see how thing play out,” Ponder said concerning the recent quarterback developments within Minnesota.  “Some of the dynamics of this organization have changed, obviously … But I’m preparing like I’m going to be on the field.”

Some observers below tweeted what they saw first hand from Ponder.



Things look pretty difficult for Ponder.  He entered this new NFL season thinking he was the starter, the face of the franchise.  Now it’s week six and he’s getting buried on the QB depth chart.  New arrival Josh Freeman is expected to take the starting role once he’s fully acclimated to the culture and playbook of the team.  With expectations that met failure when drafting Ponder, the Vikings hope to not be set back for years to come on what is looking like a bust.

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