Randy Moss: “I believe I am the greatest Receiver in NFL History”

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast
Randy Moss said on Media Day that he thinks he's the greatest receiver in league history (Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE)

Randy Moss said on Media Day that he thinks he’s the greatest receiver in league history (Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE)

Super Bowl week is upon us, meaning every player from each team gets a chance to speak to the media whether they like it or not.

Randy Moss is known for being low-key when it comes to the media, and avoids it at all costs.

This week he has to, and he’s unveiled a bit of how he feels about himself, saying he is the greatest receiver in league history.



Moss is a great receiver, but I personally have to hand that title to Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice.

Rice caught word of Moss’ revelation, and spoke out about it rather quickly.



The numbers for Moss are good – 982 receptions for 15,292 yards and 156 touchdowns. We can’t deny those aren’t good stats.

Rice’s numbers are 1549 receptions for 22,895 yards and 197 touchdowns.

The numbers speak for themselves. Moss has had a great career, but nothing that compares to Jerry Rice.

I’m glad that Moss has confidence heading into the Super Bowl though. He’ll be fighting for his first Super Bowl Ring, while Jerry struts around with his three.


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14 Responses to Randy Moss: “I believe I am the greatest Receiver in NFL History”

  • numbers can’t lie but in the back of our brains we tend to hope for what is not! JRice is the MJordan of Wide Receivers PERIOD.

  • Jerry Rice is not only the best WR of all time , He is one of the best Men to play the position. His work ethic and off the field record speaks volumes. BTW How many Programs was Jerry thrown out of ? Lou Holtz and Bobby Bowden BOTH got rid of Moss.

  • Randy is full of MOSS! That is an insult to the gretest receiver named Jerry rice!

  • It it hard to compare receivers from different eras. That being said, if the league was as pass happy it th 70’s as it is now. there would be no discussion. Thst title would fall to Lynn Swann.
    Swann could beat you long, short or anywhere in between. Plus he would make
    catches on a regular basis, that now are considered spectacular.

  • The greatest of any athlete in any sport never have to claim they were the greatest. Their career speaks for itself. Randy Moss still doesn’t get it.

  • Randy Moss the greatest…hardly. If it weren’t for the 49ers, he wouldn’t be in NFL.

    • Randy Moss has an attitude problem. How many times was he traded or let go because of his attitude? Jerry Rice had no problem and if Randy thinks he is great he isn’t the pimple on a horses butt.

    • You are right, how many times has this “has been” been traded and mostly because of his arrogant attitude? He will never compare to Jerry Rice or any other receiver………maybe by him but none others. If you watched the playoff’s he missed balls that should have been caught, if they in your hands then you should have caught it.

  • Lynn Swann was a great receiver and you can put him up against any of his contemporaries, but he does not measure up to Jerry Rice. Defenses have become more complex. Cornerbacks and Safetys are faster and stronger than ever before and until the recent emphasis on “hitting a defensless receiver” the timing of hits designed to seperate the receiver from the ball had come a long way since Lynn Swann. Had Lynn Swann played during the 80s and 90s he wouldn’t have faired as well. Let’s also not forget that what made Jerry Rice the greatest wasn’t just his ability to get open and catch the ball, but what he did after the catch. Lynn Swann didn’t have the amazing “run after catch” yards that Jerry Rice did. Jerry Rice was simply more talented and athletic and didn’t subscribe to the idea that when the season ended it was time to relax. Indeed most players today work on conditioning and fundamentals during the off-season to play in a league that is more competative than ever. Rice trumps Moss, and Moss along with several other recent receivers trumps Swann. Sorry

  • What should have been said was: Randy “could” have been the greatest receiver of all time. He has far more talent and skill than Jerry who had to work very hard.

    But that being said, numbers don’t lie.

  • Moss sort of was really good.

    Compare to Otis Taylor, Alworth, Warfield, Largent, Swan, Hutson…all as good as there was.

    And then there was Rice…

  • Randy Moss in my opinion is the most talented reciever of my generation. If Ha! I know we arent playing a game of hypotheticals, but if he had applied himself. Wow!!! Hands down we would be saying Jerry Who! But the numbers dont lie.

  • Do the math. Randy averaged more yds per catch; TD every 6+ receptions. Rice at least yd less per catch; TD every 7+ receptions. Looks like Randy wins to me. Besides you have to consider what systems they played in & who was throwing to them when they played. But both great WR’s!!!

  • Remember: Best WR not best attitude! lol

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