Ravens S Bernard Pollard thinks the end of the NFL is nearing

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Bernard Pollard is a hard hitting Raven, one known for bringing pain and injury to opponents. He was the guy that delivered the knock-out punch to Tom Brady in 2008 (although the hit was legal back then), he was in the area when Wes Welker was done for in the 2009 season, and was a main part of the reason Rob Gronkowski wasn’t 100% when the Patriots faced off against the Giants in the Super Bowl. Needless to say, he’s a pain for the Patriots.

Earlier this week on an interview with Sports Radio 610 in Houston, Pollard weighed in on a few things. He talked about the Saint’s bounty issues, and quite frankly wasn’t too happy with the league’s decisions on the players, saying “Who cares if he did say he was going to give somebody $10,000? Who cares? it’s out of his pocket. He didn’t take it from the team’s money. He didn’t take it from somebody else’s money. It was his pocket.” 

He talked more about his game, and the way he plays “If somebody is going to get a knockout shot, OK, at some point somebody is going to get hit anyway. If you end up getting knocked out because you’re trying to get a knockout shot, it’s either kill or be killed. Which one are you going to do? This is football. It’s not powder puff. When Nike unveiled their new uniforms, I’m surprised they didn’t have flags on the side. This is what needs to be right now. You’re taking away the game of football. If a quarterback throws an interception, get his butt down or run to the sidelines. If you’re going to try to make a tackle, I’m going to look for you. I promise you I’m going to look for you.”

When asked about the state of the game and where it’s heading, Pollard wasn’t so sure about the future of the NFL and said that he wouldn’t let his son play football due to the toll it takes on one’s body, leading him into saying the league wouldn’t be around much longer “I just truly believe, another 20, 30 years — I don’t even think football will even be in existence anymore… We all know what this game is about. We know and understand that it’s a violent sport.”

He even took a few jabs at NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith “When it’s all said and done, him and DeMaurice Smith said they would take a dollar (in salary) if we were locked out,” Pollard said. “We were locked out. I guarantee they didn’t take a dollar. Ask them what their salaries were. Everybody wants to talk about these players lying to Roger Goodell. What about them lying to us? What about them lying to you?”

It sounds to me that Pollard is a little upset at the whole situation and what was handed down to the Saints, and he clearly doesn’t agree with it at all, but what I find more interesting about it all is his comments on saying the NFL won’t be around in 20-30 years. If the game keeps getting faster, players keep getting bigger, rules becoming less physical, and parents not letting their kids play the game because of the effects it has on one’s body… does he have a point?

Let’s hope not, because I love the game and hope to watch it until the day I pass, but if things keep going the way they are, Pollard may have a point when you break it all down. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen though.

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14 Responses to Ravens S Bernard Pollard thinks the end of the NFL is nearing

  • One word: IDIOT!

  • Could not agree more !! Roger Goodell is the worst thing ever for the NFL ! I like Arena Football,but I like it for what it is! The NFL iI hate all this about hit’s.The ref’s have Flagg’s throw them.My God,did any of you sports writer’s play football?What defensive coach doesn’t say metaphorically to knock their head’s off??? So I quess Mean Joe Green,Dick Butkis,Jack Lambert,Willie Lanier,etc are thug’s per Roger Goodell.Kiss my a@”.Goodell’s NFL’sis all about the owner’s and their Quarteback’s,I.e.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.George Hallas is rolling over in his grave!!!!!

  • The man makes a lot of sense….would never let my son play football….My son has asked me for the last 5 years…I still say no…To my defense I blame it on my x-wife…lol

  • Its amazing how many of these players have rocks in their heads. Maybe the game won’t be the same today in 20-30 years, but it WILL still exist and be just as entertaining but safer. No one is saying you can’t lay the hat on someone, we just need to get back to clean hard hitting football. There will always be injuries, but the existence of any type of bounty program must be eliminated, and the league dropped the hammer to make sure it happens. Player safety is not some sort of trivial topic in a sport where the object of every play is to tackle the person who has the football. And the league had to react to the Saints program and, if anything, overreact to the penalties to the team and players. This was not a situation where the league could do anything but come down hard. People say if it was your team you would think differently. I say that is completely false. Yes, I wouldn’t be happy if it was my team, but I’m a fan of THE GAME, and the game is bigger than my team. If my coach and defensive captain were suspended for a year, I would take my lumps and accept that it had to be done. Mr Pollard should think twice about his comments. Would he be saying the same thing if Joe Flacco was targeted, or taking it a step further, knocked out of a playoff game because of a bounty on him? Plain and simple, I’m tired of these brainless defensive players around the league who keep whining about the sanctions on the Saints. Just play clean hard-hitting football, don’t get involved in any type of shady bounty program, and you will enjoy a successful career and earn the respect of the fans and your colleagues. What could be better than that?

  • He may be wright 20 or 30 years? who knows. when i was a kid we player football all year long. we even had a game between the east and west side of town every thanksgiving. we called it the turkey bowl. We would alternate fields I remember one year we player on a frozen parking lot with no pads full contact tackle. kids dont play like that anymore. Steriods has runied the game , it makes player stronger and better than they really are thus the big hits make the league keep changing the rules to protect the players and it takes away from the game. Look at boxing it went from last man standing to 15 rounds to 12 and now its not that big anymore. Too many alturnatives splitting up the entertainment dollars. UFC is growing man those guys are tought and skilled. Whats next man verses, beast people would watch that it will come some third world country will put on the internet people will watch it. It really comes down to market share.

    • Sounds like Mr Pollard has a real problem. The game is sportsmanship, not to damage the person for life. They should have had stronger and longer ban from the game. Money is great, but health is better. No penality is to heavy, for that conduct.

  • I had a better image of pollard before reading his disturbing comments,Did he go to and get a college education because I dont think he is thinking clearly about what the league office is doing here,Its OK to be a hardnosed player but its quite a contrast when you strap up with the intention of possibly taking away another mans way of making a living It just crosses so many lines,Wasnt he present on the days of pop warner when they taught kids about being a good sport? It’s no wonder the Texans cut him loose even with a few of their players being accused of crossing the line a little on the field its not shown with the same contempt that he speaks about,You need to keep the thugs in the hood and off the field and as for the game he was laughable this game wil be around for a long long time and Roger Goodell has really improved the integrity of the sport in my eye and I say good on him for being proactive!Pollards just ready to hang em up shortly and he is spouting off while he has some peoples ear!

  • Well, the game has survived for about 150 years now and my guess is that it will be around for a long time after both both Bernard Pollard and I are dead and gone. But I do agree with his point that the Commissioner and the league (not to mention some of the players) need to be careful about allowing the sport to be watered down to the point that it becomes almost non-contact in nature. Quarterbacks are players, and they are fair game for hits – legal hits – whenever they are on the field: simple as that. To throw a flag everytime a quarterback gets hit – and it seems like it’s coming to that – does a disservice to the sport, as well as to all of the quarterbacks who played in the past. Ask someone who has played the game for real at the position back in the 60’s or 70’s or even the 80’s what he thinks and let’s hear those opinions.

  • I love football just as much as anybody. Played in jr. high, high school, and college. I have herniated cervical disks to thank for it, but knowing what I know now, I would’ve still played, just smarter. But we all as fans need to face one simple fact: football is a barbaric sport. It’s the truth. It’s nothing more than a modern-day version of the “games” in the Roman Coliseum. But with one notable exception: killing and maiming are not the intended outcomes of competition. It’s a game that big men are payed to play for our entertainment. If people do derive entertainment from killing and maiming, then that speaks to either having an un-evolved brain or being a closet psychopath. That goes for both players and “fans”.
    For all these so-called “tough guy players” who complain that Goodell is “watering down” the game, I have a suggestion. Be a tough guy. Suit up like Jim Brown did, with a leather helmet and no face-mask and see how you like it. I guarantee that you won’t see those head-first kill shots after JUST ONE GAME. I guarantee it! It’s easy to act tough when you’re basically slamming a Hummer SUV into the side of a VW bug (Ray Lewis into Tom Brady). But what if both guys are riding bicycles? How hard of a collision would you see then? Exactly NONE!

    Un-naturally large men fueled by steroids and other “supplements” have ruined the game of football, not Roger Goodell. He’s simply trying to keep a game, that’s spiraling out of control into EXTINCTION, alive and profitable.

  • Now ‘come on mow! It’s the difference between wanting to hurt someone bad, & or just seeing who is the better athlete, matched up from “back & forth, defense & on offence”, to see who burns who. Not try to cause someone else even your own self brain damage…

  • What a bunch 2012 weenie’s.I wonder what some of these guy’s who blog,think about Seal Team 6,,to violent,ruthless,mean? No one made these guys’s play.They know what they are getting into and get paid very well for it.Cheap shots ar B.S., throw the Flagg.As far as I know,no one was hurt by the Saints actions.The Saint’s were wrong and are paying a severe penalty.Personally,I’m more offended if they were tape recording the opposition’s team meeting’s.They would obviously benefit from all that strategizing info .

  • Fire the publicity seeking jerk ASAP.Roger Goodell makes T.O. Look like T.O. Is a “Saint”( no pun intended) when it comes to wanting the “spotlight” !!

  • If Pollard’s idea of football is trying to “knock” someone out, he’s in the wrong profession. Basic understanding is football is an athletic competition between opponents and players, SPORTSMANSHIP is REQUIRED. Too many players play for the publicity and TV cameras instead of the GAME AND TEAM. It’s all about MONEY for them, not team goals or accomplishments. Tackles and hits can be made in NFL without the violence, people like Pollard and James Harrison can’t play by the rules because it doesn’t fit THEM. The league is about entertainment dollars more than titles or championships, the showboating, classless intimidation, deliberate violence against opponents drive more money, more attention for players, teams, coaches, owners have ignored it for the good of their pockets.

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