Ravens center Matt Birk: Super Bowl ‘should be a bloodbath’

Ravens center Matt Birk will get his first chance at a Super Bowl ring after a 15-year career. (AP Photo)

Ravens center Matt Birk will get his first chance at a Super Bowl ring after a 15-year career. (AP Photo)

Ravens center Matt Birk will be one of the most storied players in Super Bowl XLVII… or at least he should be. The veteran will make his first appearance in the Super Bowl after 15 years in the league. He’s started in every game the last seven seasons, and he was the Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

He’s the type of guy NFL fans should be hearing about. In wake of his team’s appearance of the Super Bowl, Birk talked with USA Today Sports about the upcoming game against the 49ers, and dished out some quality analysis.

“It should be a bloodbath,” Birk said. “They are good. heir defense brings it. They’re as good a defense as I’ve ever played against.”

Birk’s right. This game is going to be quite the bout. The two teams are full of steam, physical, and down right nasty.

It’ll be the speed of the option against the veterans of the Ravens defense when Colin Kaepernick and the rest of the 49ers offense is on the field. On the other end, it’s the physical 49ers defense with the most powerful front seven in the league against a red-hot Joe Flacco.

“It will definitely be a physical game,” defensive lineman Haloti Ngata said via USA Today Sports. “Their line is huge and physical, and Gore is one of the best running backs in the league. And they also have a fast runner in LaMichael James.”

The Ravens have prepared with multiple physically demanding practices this week before they travel to New Orleans on Monday. On Friday, the Ravens went with a fully padded, which was followed by a shelled practice on Saturday.

The grueling practices are just one example of these team’s physicality. It’s sure to be a “bloodbath”, Matt. It sure is.

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