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Redskins unveil one of the sexiest throwback jerseys ever

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Last week, I presented you with the ugliest throwback jerseys ever worn in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers were the owners of those yellow and black, half prison, half Waldo hybrid jerseys. Today, the Washington Redskins unveiled one of the sexiest throwback jerseys ever.

Similar to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Redskins jerseys are celebrating the teams 80th anniversary.

The jersey features light gold pants, maroon jerseys with dark gold letters and a brown helmet that is supposed to represent the leather helmets worn in 1932.

During the 1932 season, the Washington Redskins, then the Boston Braves, went 4-4-2 which was good for fourth place.

While the jerseys look like they could be worn by Florida State as well, they are still nice.

Check out the jerseys below:

The helmet for the 80th anniversary jerseys looks like leather to represent the helmets worn in 1932 (Credit: FanFeedr)

Inside the collar are the words Team, Effort and Tradition (Credit:


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