Refs Got Roughing Rule Wrong in Houston vs Colts

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There were a few spooky special teams plays involving Colts punter Pat McAfee on Sunday, November 3rd.  First, there was a fumbled snap where McAfee had to scramble a bit to get off a decent punt.  You missed it if you’re one of the many that take your bathroom break during special team’s plays.  The next incident is where the refs got it all wrong.

In case you missed it, McAfee proceeded to boot away the ball to Houston.  Houston’s Bryan Braman made it through the line of defense and nearly blocked the kick.  Instead, he ran into McAfee and created what was a scary collision indeed.  I immediately thought this to be roughing the kicker, but such was not called.  The refs believed that Braman had tipped the ball, in which case the roughing would be void.  Braman however, did not touch the ball, thus making it a roughing play indeed.


Now, you cannot challenge a play involving whether or not contact between players was made.  You can however challenge whether or not the ball was touched.  Had the ref made an announcement stating that there was no flag for roughing and that the ball was tipped, that would have been Pagano’s cue to throw some red laundry.  The officials did not make such an announcement, and informed Pagano that the play was not eligible for a challenge.

The officials it seems already have enough things to watch for during play.  With the current rule, they’re required to flip on their mic and make an announcement as to whether or not the ball was touched so that the coach can decided if they’d like to risk a timeout in hopes to have the call reversed.  Perhaps a rule change is necessary to make all situations concerning roughing eligible for review.

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