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Report: Carson Palmer wants out of Oakland

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

Carson Palmer hasn’t seen much success in Oakland since they acquired the 33-year-old off of his sofa.

He took over a decent team after QB Jason Campbell broke his collarbone at a time the Raiders had a 4-2 record and led them to a measly four more wins ending the season at 8-8. Granted, he had to get in shape before a trade deadline and learn a new offense on the fly, so that was expected.

(AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann)

(AP Photo/Reed Hoffmann)

The next season, he had a full off-season, spent several weeks with the offense hosting player only workouts, and led the Raiders to an abysmal 4-12 record. In his last two seasons, he’s 8-22 as a starter for the silver and black. While he didn’t have a running game due to the oft-injured Darren McFadden missing some time, Carson looked shot.

So shot in fact that Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie said this past month that Terrelle Pryor would get a chance at the starting job.

Shortly after Reggie’s revelation, reports surfaced that Carson denied the Raiders request to re-structure his contract for the team, taking a $3 Million pay cut and bringing his number to $10 Million, still a decent payout. Leaving the Raiders with  two choices. Either cut Palmer and move forward, or fork out the $13 Million and hope for something better than 4-12.

The team has yet to make a decision on the former top-overall pick, and they’re in no hurry to do so, but according to Mike Silver of Yahoo! Sports, Palmer wants out of Oakland.

“Carson isn’t 28, and he doesn’t know how much time he has left,” one source close to Palmer said, via Silver. “Does he want to be with a team that is clearly rebuilding and looks like it’s a long way away from contending, where he doesn’t have a whole lot around him? He’s gotten to play a lot in his career, but he hasn’t gotten to experience a lot of winning. At this point, I think being somewhere where they have a chance to win is the most important thing.”

Silver goes on to explain that sources close to Palmer believe that the Raiders are a far-shot away from being contenders anytime soon, and Palmer wants to win. Even if that means taking on a job as a backup with a contending team.

The report mentions the Seattle Seahawks, a team that has a solid backup QB in Matt Flynn – one that the Raiders have already inquired about. Could there be a trade in the works prior to April’s draft? Time will tell. But for now, it’s clear Carson won’t be taking a pay cut, at least for the Raiders – and the Raiders have already shed light on the fact that there will be a competition at the position come Summer.

I often don’t bring my love for the Raiders into reports, but I will throw this in on this topic as I have been a big critic of Carson. He wasn’t worth the first and second round selections Hue Jackson gave him. He was out of shape, ignorant and refused to play for the Bengals – leaving the team hanging. When the trade went down that’s the first thing I thought – Hue just mortgaged the future on a guy that left his whole team hanging, caring about himself and himself only. That’s not a teammate.

Now, it seems as if he’s doing the same thing again. Shoo, Carson. The Raiders don’t need a chump like you. You’ve won eight games in two years, you’re not a winning quarterback and your career is over. If the team is going to lose for a few more seasons, I’m fine with that – I’m used to it. But I’d rather they did it with anyone other than you.  Go lose for someone else and don’t let the door hit you in the ass.


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