Report: Colt McCoy Won’t be Traded

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On Thursday night during the 2012 NFL Draft, we got  many surprises, especially when the 28 year-old QB from Oklahoma State, Brandon Weeden was drafted in the first round by the Cleveland Browns 22nd overall. Weeden is a great football player, he has a strong arm and is extremely accurate as you can see here: Weeden showing off arm strength

The question now remains will the Browns trade Colt McCoy? McCoy has been the starter for the last few seasons, but hasn’t really done much. Now, you can argue that he hasn’t had the best talent around him, which is true. However, he can’t make the throws that need to be made for that position. McCoy reminds many players of a younger Drew Brees, with his height and his weak arm. If you remember correctly it took Brees a few seasons to get going in this league, and the Browns don’t have that kind of time plain and simple.

Brandon Weeden

I truly believe McCoy will be an above-average quarterback in this league, but not in Cleveland. The Browns have already made it known that they want Weeden to start in September, general manager Tom Heckert said this, Thursday the Browns selected Weeden to be a future starter — perhaps immediately. It’s unlikely that the Browns would make Weeden, who pursued a career in baseball before playing at Oklahoma State, sit too long before getting a shot.

The biggest problem in the NFL these days is that the teams and fans want to win so bad and so fast that they have no patience for a “project” quarterback. They want positive results right away. As a quarterback you aren’t always going to get that from every first-round pick, but from a hand full of guys. It is pretty clear the Cleveland wants to move forward with Weeden, and they are willing to let McCoy hang on for the ride.

If I was McCoy, I would be asking to go somewhere else, no one likes to be a second choice, and McCoy clearly is in Cleveland.

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