Report: Cowboys eyeing Gruden as Coach if Garrett misses playoffs

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

It’s a little surprising to see that there have been no in-season firings of head coaches so far this year in the NFL.

Could Jon Gruden land in Big-D? (Credit: AP Photo)

Could Jon Gruden land in Big-D? (Credit: AP Photo)

For the last two seasons, seven coaches have been shown the door as before seasons end. It could possibly be that there are still a few teams that have the opportunity to make the playoffs.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of those teams, and according to Cork Gaines of the Business Insider, Jerry Jones has already been searching for Jason Garrett’s replacement if the team misses the playoffs.

One name that is being pursued by the Jones’ is former Raiders and Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden.

If the Dallas Cowboys miss the playoffs, Jason Garrett will be fired according to a source for Dan Patrick of “The Dan Patrick Show.

Speculation has already begun that Jon Gruden will be the Cowboy’s top choice to take over.

According to Patrick, the Cowboys “have quietly started their coaching search” and “Jerry Jones’ plane…has made a couple of stops,”  Patrick added that the Cowboys, prior to this past weekend’s game, were “kicking the tires on seeing who will be available,” and that he was told there will be a coaching change if Dallas does not make the playoffs.

Of course as of right now this is purely speculation. Gruden and his agent remain adamant that he is content in the broadcast booth for ESPN’s Monday Night Football, but for several years Gruden has said publicly that if the opportunity is right he’d take it.

The Cowboys have the talent to make something happen in the postseason, but it seems that year after year they fall short of the goal set before them.

This is Garrett’s second season as Dallas’ head coach, with the first season coming after a lockout. He had the team one win away from the playoffs but fell short to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Giants.

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17 Responses to Report: Cowboys eyeing Gruden as Coach if Garrett misses playoffs

  • What the cowgirls really need to do is fire their GM. Garrett is fine.


  • This is getting as old as Brett Favre retirement talk. Let us know when Gruden signs a contract, then we’ll be interested.

  • Gruden The perfect fit for Dallas.

  • This is typical media hype, which only manages to fill the pockets of reporters and sports writers. I compare this to supermarket tabloids or foolish gossip.

  • Get rid of Garrett. His play calling is atrocious. Gruden would be a welcome addition!

  • Diehard and long time Cowboy fan. NEVER should hae hired Garrett. Love Grudetn lets get it done

  • As long as Jerry Jones is the General Manager the team will not win. You can bring in one of the best coach’s in history (Bill Parcells) and not win. Oops!!! they have already tried that.

  • It is not the playing calling, it is the execution of the play. Dallas does not have an adequate group of lineman for the run or the pass. The is constantly getting push around and never seems to control the line of scrimmage. Not sure you are actually watching the game in its entirety Paul, but Romo is always running for his life trying to make plays that tend to backfire. Garrett has never been the problem in Dallas. What about Ryan, he cannot seem to get the defense to play consistently. It seems that everyone always thinks its the offense or the coach that needs change. Without a solid defense, the offense has more work to overcome poor play on defense or special teams. I’d say get rid of the GM for not bringing in the right players that can execute the play.

    • This is a very good assessment . You nailed the problem. Now if they had a coach to implement

    • the play calling is way to predictable. how do u expect dallas to execute when the opposing defense already knows what they are going to do. its ridiculous

  • I doubt if Gruden would want to coach for a meddling owner like Jerry Jones. He tried it once before with Al Davis, and we all know how that turned out.

    I hope he stays in broadcasting, he’s the best color commentator in the business and is the one comentator that is actually enjoyable to listen to.

  • cowboys need a coach to take em to playoffs

  • THE problem is that the game has become more business than sports….Players and coaches are more concerned with contracts and endorsements than just getting out , playing smash-mouth ball and earning the respect of the man next to you! I grew up in Dallas and had the oppertunity to go to the old training facility in Richardson (Late 70’s early 80’s) it was just a different caliber of player….”more stride because of pride” than “acting funny cause I got money”….
    I’m just sayin……

  • Rex Ryan is neither an effective coach nor a good role model for the team. Oust him!

  • Don’t know if Garret sees something that we cannot! However, there is no doubt that he blew many critical plays that caused Da”Boy’s to lose important games. The execution for most of the year has been sloppy and Garret needs to demand a lot more discipline from his players or get them out of the game. That is a coaching problem; maybe JJ is causing too much distraction? Garret needs to quit trying to be too cute in his play calling and I think he has learned that lesson. All That being said, I think that if Jones left him and the rest of coaching staff alone that the cowboys woulb be much better off. Sure Gruden is a proven coach, but give Garret one more year.

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