Report: David Garrard looks like leader in Dolphins QB derby

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According to’s James Walker, the former Jacksonville starter, David Garrard, worked with the first team at Dolphins minicamp Tuesday, with Matt Moore working with the second team. First-round pick Ryan Tannehill was with the third team.

On Sportscenter Friday, Adam Schefter reported that Garrard’s play this spring has put him ahead of Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill as the team heads towards training camp. Matt Moore was the team’s starter last year and led the team to a 6-10 record and Ryan Tannehill was drafted 8th overall in this year’s draft.

“The more you hear, the more it sounds like David Garrard has really taken this opportunity to emerge as the favorite to be the starting quarterback down in Miami,” said Schefter. “Very impressive, adept, good footwork. Matt Moore’s been good, Ryan Tannehill’s been good, but David Garrard has looked the most comfortable of any of the quarterbacks.”

Garrard is coming off of a back injury and has not played an NFL game since December 26 2011. It is rather impressive that he is currently leading the Dolphins quarterback competition. However, there is still plenty of time before the start of the regular season. If Garrard wants the starting job he has to prove to the Dolphins that he is the starter to lead them to victory.

Personally, I think the Dolphins should stick with Ryan Tannehill. With their current roster they are not playoff contenders and should be looking towards the future. Allowing Tannehill more time on the field will give him more experience and improve the team for the future.

This will be just one of the many interesting training camp battles we will have to keep our eye on as the season rolls closer.


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8 Responses to Report: David Garrard looks like leader in Dolphins QB derby

  • Garrard’s pretty good; I still think he was thrown under the bus, “here in J~Ville.
    If a team wants to play & clicks like a team, any team can be a contender for the post-season
    From what I understand is that Miami has a pretty darn good offense-line, & really need to get their receivers clicking with 1 of the QB’s, & receivers: with Brandon Marshal’s absence, now.
    They do have Chad Johnson, maybe he’ll do better there?
    I don’t know if I can agree: Garrard is like a General, & Tannehill is the lieutenant.
    The little rascal can learn a lot from the senior guy there. LOL

  • Sorry but personally im getting really tired of hearing terms like “improve the team for the future.” Been hearing that for like 20 years now. If Tannehill is working with the third team didnt we just waste a good draft pick? The organization needs to be more aggressive NOW!

  • Answer this question for me,are these players on the MIAMI DOLPHINS any less of professional athletes than the next team,yes some are better but you get paid because someone thinks you are good enough,while others write about a sport they wouldn’t even make a waterboy look good.I know they have had terrible seasons but if brady can make recievers you and I know nothing of then it is possible for some other diamonds in the ruff out there,give them some time and this new head coach a chance..

  • Dennis,

    Do not take this the wrong way, but you just compared David Garrard to Tom Brady. Brady is arguably one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game. Garrard is average. While of course I am not the same athlete as Garrard, I am here to offer my opinion on the subject and my opinion is that the Dolphins do not have a number of good receivers.

    Sure, there are a few quarterbacks who can make anyone look good (Brees, Manning, Brady and maybe Rodgers) but for most, they need a talented receiver around them.

  • Garrard is a Hall of Famer; look it up. His, “Garrard ‘Hail-Mary-pass to Mike Thomas”, is what I mean.
    This says Garrard was in 2009-2010 season –
    I’m telling you guys; David Garrard is a, ‘Bad man!

  • You guys can have David Garrard and I will take Tom Brady….

  • You can have him; I am taking Drew Brees (if you mean fantasy football). Now Bowe want to go here. If they lock him up. I had Brees in 1 of mine last year & Rodgers in another. Brees blow him away, except in the Saints 1 game against the Rams for some reason. I predicted the Saints loss last year, & no forum to cast that thought. Oh well; the only way I even knew it was because of the saying, “Any Given Sunday”, is the only reason, nothing scientific.

    I have to keep my eye on Garrard or anyone who wins this spot mainly because 1. The line there, look at the Dolphins offensive line, ‘Beastly! Then keep an eye on wide-outs; if he gets a number, 1-10 receivers. Here in J~Ville I will probably try & grab Laurent Robinson, Blackmon, & Garrard here, & or Gabbert. New Year of NFL play making. The Lock-out caused so many problems last season. Look at KC, & the year before, Dwayne Bowe, & Jamal Charles were both on fire, then the whole AFC West sucked majorly. Glad they didn’t come here & play the Jags last year.

    A very complete difference from last too, ya’ll. This year will prove very different! Last year was kind of a disappointment. I might take Garrard this year though.

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