Report: Jon Gruden to Philly if Andy Reid is fired

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Halfway through the season, the Philadelphia Eagles look like a dysfunctional team. They have all the talent in the world, but they haven’t been able to piece things together and get the ball rolling. Many Eagles fans have already given up on the season and they want Andy Reid fired.

If the Eagles were to fire Reid, which all signs are pointing to at this moment, there is nobody on the team’s staff that would be qualified for the position.

Andy Reid’s seat is warming up, and the Eagles may already be talking about his replacement. (AP Photo)

Several have speculated over the last week or so – since the Sean Payton contract was voided by the NFL – That Payton would be a great fit for the Eagles, but as I said when it was reported, I don’t think that Payton is going anywhere. Saints GM Mickey Loomis said as much when he returned from his suspension that they would fix the problem and get the extension re-signed.

Now, a report from Howard Eskin of CBS Philly states that IF Andy Reid is fired as many anticipate, Owner Jeffery Lurie will bring back a familiar face to the city. Former Eagles OC Jon Gruden could leave the Monday Night Football booth to return to the sidelines.

Gruden’s name has been brought up in several coaching vacancies over the last few years, with no success. But the Eagles situation is different. He’s been there before, he’s familiar with the organization, and he said on Monday Night’s Saints/Eagles game that we would love to coach this team. Albeit, subliminal, but nonetheless.

Gruden would be a great coach for the struggling team, but one thing that may hold him back is the Quarterback position. Based on Gruden’s offensive philosophies, Michael Vick would not be the player he would be looking for to run the show. The Eagles have the running back, fresh off a contract extension and they do have the pieces on defense to suceed, they just haven’t put anything together.

As of now, it’s just a report, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this happen when all is said and done.


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9 Responses to Report: Jon Gruden to Philly if Andy Reid is fired

  • Why do people keep acting like Gruden is some amazing coach. He has got to be one of the most over-rated coaches out there. Had an all veteran team that needed little coaching in oak, then went to TB and rode on Dungys Defense to win a SB. Tampa had a bottom 5 offense that year, his speciality so to speak. I would rather bring back Shotty before I brought in Gruden.


      Gruden took Dungys team who was built through the draft and in 3 years dismantled it with garbage FA’s. He is against Franchise QB’s, rather he enjoys the likes of Brad Johnsons, Jeff Garcia’s and Brad Gradkowski’s.

      Someone explain to me why he is attractive as a Head Coach?

  • ANYTHING to get JG out of the press box!

  • Vick is going with that salary. Gruden does know Foles a little. Trent Edwards and Foles are good friends so Gruden would have a vet QB. I’m not against Gruden necessarily if they look at all the options. There is no guarantee with anyone they hire and Gruden has some toughness and works his ass off. Only concern is working with young QBs but maybe he brings his bro in who has worked with Dalton.

  • Gruden would be a great fit in Philly!! BTW Dungy could not win with your so-called Dungy’s team. Remember people, Sam Wyche drafted most of those core players and Monte Kiffen had alot to do with it as well. heck, if it weren’t for Mora drafting Peyton Manning, Dungy never would of won a Super Bowl in Indy so get over it people!! Gruden is a great coach!!!

    • Yeah he is so great he has been um-employee for 5 years. But I am sure you are going to say its because he wanted to take a break. Gruden left a mess in Oakland then did the same thing in TB. I hope he goes to Philly, woud love to see them losing for a few more years.

  • Would rather have Tony Dungy, but I’d take Gru if available. AR has gone as far with this team as he’s ever gonna get. If Lurie has a shred of decency, he’ll end this thing sooner than later. Reid did a lot of good things with team over the years, I remember the days when 8-8 was a good year around here. I’d like to see him go with a little dignity. Letting him ride a 5-11 season into the ground just doesn’t seem right!

  • The eagles should have let AR and McNab go after the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots. This team has be in decline eer since then. Poor football fundimentals like securing the ball, making open field tackles, wrapping up the leg of their opponants and blocking for the guy with the ball have led to the mess they are in. Releasing players like Avant and Westbrook were bad moves too. Other problems stem from poor coaching methodes. I have to agree with the others, Gruden took Dungy’s Bucks to the Super Bowl and won. We need a coach like Dungy or Sean Payton.

    • Jason Avant is still with the Eagles. They have made brilliant moves in releasing guys at the right time and not overspending.

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