Report: Seahawks Could Be Front-runner for Peyton Manning

Per a report from the National Football Post (NFP), the Seattle Seahawks could be the early favorite to land Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Peyton Manning if he is released.  The Seahawks, a team that finished 28th in total offense (22nd in passing), is still searching for answers offensively, especially at the quarterback position. Heading into the 2012 offseason, they currently only have one quarterback on the roster, Tavaris Jackson, due $4M in base salary. Per NFP, the Seahawks employ one of the most respected specialists for spine injuries in team physician, Stan Herring, who is also a member of the NFL’s Head, Neck, and Spine Committee.  Seattle could be an attractive option for Manning, a smaller market, a young team with a solid offensive line, and playmakers in running back Marshawn Lynch and Sidney Rice.  The NFP also speculates Reggie Wayne might consider the Seahawks if Manning were to sign there.


9 Responses to Report: Seahawks Could Be Front-runner for Peyton Manning

  • Lone Wolf says:

    Peyton Manning is NOT and will not go to another team, unless it is guaranteed he wins a super bowl for that one season and that won’t happen, does anyone really think he wants to be the next Bret Farve??? nfl assclown? if he doesn’t play for the Colts, he doesn’t play, there is the new BMW prize! ;)

  • chris says:

    A lot future Hall of Famers finish their careers with a different team. Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Reggie White, etc… Peyton is no different.

  • jimmy3rings says:

    Peyton i hope you finish your career with a winner , you have been great for the game.
    I hope you getta couple more rings!! How bout bringin Randy Moss wth you, now that i would like to see!!!

  • Vince Rosanova says:

    Nice report except you overlooked Josh Portis who made the squad and signed the standard rookie contract so T Jack is not the only QB on the Seahawk Roster. He’s not going anywhere and showed potential in the preseason. I would also expect the Seahawks will likelydraft at some point another signal caller regardless of what happens with Manning. Agreed, If healthy Manning will definitely make them a playoff team with one or two young QB’s(Portis and a draft pick) + TJack on the roster should Manning falter.

  • Roger says:

    I realize the NFL is a business so it has to make business decisions foremost with loyalty and personal feelings secondary. I feel that Peyton wants to finish his career with the Colts but if his desire to play football then he would decide on a team with a solid offense line in place and receiver core in place so he can step in and learn the system. Thecolts could still draft Andrew Luck and have him learn under Peyton and Peyton’s contract restructured, this would be great and draft a good receiver to add to the exosting receivers, I respect Peyton Manning

  • tim says:

    The Seahawks will win the superbowl in 2013 with Peyton

  • Terry says:

    Yes with Peyton and Reggie and the Seahawks defence, the hawks are superbowl contenders immediatedly

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