Rex Ryan Brings in Sleep Specialist to Help Players Get More Rest

  • Tad Johnson

I’ll just get the joke out of the way now because you KNOW it’s coming. Rex Ryan must have seen that his team was asleep at the wheel against Pittsburgh last week, because now the coach has brought in a sleep specialist so the team avoids making Sunday afternoon naps a regular thing.Rex Ryan, to his credit, is always looking for ways to give his team an advantage on the field. He’s now hoping that by making sure his players are rested and getting the amount of sleep that’s recommended that the team can arrive on game days rested and ready to go.

Earlier this week, players were given handouts about how sleep helps performance.

Team meetings were shortened.

“We’ve had sleep people come in, talking about how important sleep is, how important it is to get eight hours of it. We bring in these specialists for a reason. … If we can gain a little advantage, then we’re going to look for it.”
-Rex Ryan

The team’s schedule was cut back by about 90 minutes this week.

The other thing that the staff is doing to make sure the team is at their best isn’t quite as revolutionary, but still very important. With the Jets traveling to Miami this week to take on the division rival Dolphins where temperatures are expected to hit around 90 degrees, the team is making hydration a VERY big deal this week.

“That’s something we’ll be ready for,” Ryan said. “We’ve played down there before and we know what to expect. I think the last time we played there, it was like 90 degrees out in December or January, whenever it was. We know it’s going to be hot, but we think we’ve done a good job hydrating ourselves and getting rest.” 

You won’t hear me praise Rex Ryan often, but this is one of those rare occasions. I applaud him and the rest of the coaching staff for

taking the time to make sure the team is in the best shape possible. Whether that means obvious things like making sure the team is hydrated or changing the schedule to make sure the team is rested, it goes a long way in keeping a team together that has been implosive in the past

earlier this year, Rex Ryan claimed that he felt like this years Jets team was his best one so far. He was mocked for his statement. It looks like he’s taking that seriously though judging by the lengths he’s going to improve his team’s on field presence.

Good on you, coach.

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