Rex Ryan: If Pats replace Brady with Tebow, that’s fine by me

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At least Rex Ryan still has a sense of humor after two consecutive miserable seasons, including one with Tim Tebow who was recently picked up by the Jets’ rival New England Patriots.

Holding a press conference this morning, Pats HC Bill Belichick didn’t give a hint as to why he signed or how he planned on using Tebow, but did say that he was a talented athlete that will be there to compete as a quarterback and a quarterback only, behind Tom Brady and Ryan Mallett.

At least Rex still has a tiny sense of humor. (AP Photo)

At least Rex still has a tiny sense of humor. (AP Photo)

There are probably a few people under the influence of something that have already called for one of the greatest of all time, Tom Brady, to be benched in favor of the chosen one.

Rex Ryan says if that’s the way it works out, that’s fine by him.

“If they want to replace Brady with him, that’s fine.” said Ryan at his press conference.

Rex did say that he was happy for Tebow to get another chance, but didn’t seem to be at all concerned when talking about his time with the Jets, almost as if he was glad he was gone.

“I’m happy for the young man to get another opportunity in the league –  It didn’t work out here – It is what it is.”

It is what it is. Or isn’t, like the opportunity that was never given to Tebow when Mark Sanchez embarrassed himself and his teammates week in and week out. But hey, they got Geno Smith, who will hopefully light a fire under Sanchez’s ass going forward.


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9 Responses to Rex Ryan: If Pats replace Brady with Tebow, that’s fine by me

  • after this Fat bastard is fired this year, he’ll be lucky to get a D-3 coaching job. Him and even less talented brother are quite overrated.

  • At this point in Rex’s career, the perfect symbol for it would be a rear-view shot of Barry Sanders departing quietly, with a sad shake of his head.

  • What Rex Ryan did to Tebow is going to comeback and haunt him, finally. I can’t wait to see the stupid look on his fat goofy face when Tebow comes in and runs all over his pathetic defense and wins the game. So far, all I’ve seen Tebow do in his short young career is win football games doing whatever it takes to do so. His sandlot style of play creates anarchy on NFL defenses because there is no way to prepare for it. Ryan is too stupid to realize this but Big Bill’s insight will show what makes him a great coach when he uses Tebow’s talents to help take a little pressure off of Brady.

    • And when Tebow does so, it will be the second time. Ryan’s big fat mouth is once again writing checks his big fat arse cannot cash. The difference between ryan and Tebow is that Tebow was re-hired. Oh … and Tebow doesn’t need to staple his stomach to maintain a good playing weight.

  • I can see Brady taking a hard hit, being removed from the game early as a precautionary from a concussion. Mallet comes in and injured, have to be wheeled off the field. In comes third stringer Tebow who guides the Pats to a come from behind victory with 5 TD passes.

  • Leave it to Rex to cork a good one. You can bet Bill, Tom & Tim got a good laugh, too.

  • Sooooo, JETS “consecutive miserable seasons, including one with Tim Tebow” isn’t an accurate statement because the JJJETS did NOT use Tebow to his full ability!! Even in the last game of a 6-10 season where nothing mattered (out of playoffs), Rex “FAT IDIOT” Ryan could have played Tebow the whole game and lost nothing. I don’t call 15 – 20 plays the whole season “USING” Tebow. It’s just pathetic. Tebow wouldn’t run into the back end of his linemen and even if Tim did, he wouldn’t fumble the ball!!
    Rex is a class A jerk and underestimates Tim Tebow, his ability, his rushing, his breaking tackles, Tim’s passing prowess (?) IF the ball ‘flutters’ and is off target, Tim needs an MRI immediately because that is a sure sign of a torn rotator cuff.
    So, bottom line: Jets should have gotten rid of Rex Ryan AND Mark “Sackchez” Sanchez and gone with Tebow and the no-huddle, spread offense, read/option.

  • Does Rex wear dentures?

  • “the opportunity that was never given to Tebow ” PRETTY MUCH SUMS IT ALL UP. QUESTION IS why DID THE MISERABLE JETS bother trading for Tebow if they are not going to use him?

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