Rex Ryan isn’t conceding the division to the Patriots

New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan has yet to concede the AFC East to the New England Patriots (Credit: REUTERS/Adam Fenster)

When Rex Ryan joined the New York Jets in 2009, he promised he was not going to kiss Bill Belicheck’s Super Bowl rings. Ryan looked to be fulfilling this promise after leading the Jets further into the playoffs than the Patriots in his first two seasons. However, last year, the Jets faltered and did not make the playoffs.

With the New England Patriots making the Super Bowl in 2011, most experts believe the AFC East belongs to the Patriots.

If you ask Rex Ryan, he is not yet conceding the division.

“Do I respect New England? The fact is they’ve won our division a zillion times. The three years I’ve been here, they’ve won it all three times, and I don’t think it’s been close,” Ryan said, via Bob Glauber of Newsday. “But I’ll never back down or concede anything. When you talk about conceding the division . . . yeah, right. Not me. There’s no chance here, not with the Jets.”

A coach refusing to believe his team has does not have a shot at winning the division is nothing out of the ordinary in July.

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