Rex Ryan, New York Jets Decided to Have No Captains in 2012

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After the 2011 season, that was a complete disaster by the end of the year, they needed to make a change. Bring in more character guys, mainly Tim Tebow and a change in their leadership had to happen. They also brought in a new offensive coordinator with more experience, in hopes that he can control the offense a bit better.

One thing that I have been excited to see is who he chooses as team captains, that is one of the most important jobs a player can have. A bad team captain can ruin the team chemistry and a great one can carry a team to wins when they shouldn’t.

Rex Ryan

This year 2012 will be different in a lot of ways, new coaches, new players and now this. Head Coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets have decided to pass on naming captions this year, in hopes to ease the attention. However, will it?

If you have ever played on a team, you know without a doubt who the team leaders are. They stand out during team meetings; they set a tone during practice and games. They lead with their actions on and off the field, and when someone leads, others follow.

Ultimately I think this is a great idea; the Jets are dealing with a lot as it is, and he could make it worse with the wrong selection. It is important to keep everyone happy and satisfied, if the players are happy, the players play harder for you.

Only time will tell if Coach Ryan made the right choice, meanwhile we all get to watch the decision and how it plays out.

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