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Despite a debilitating ACL injury suffered last season, RG III is doing everything right to come back strong in 2013.

Despite a debilitating ACL injury suffered last season, RG III is doing all right things to come back strong in 2013.

Robert Griffin III saw his rookie season come to a sudden end when he was hit in the knee by Haloti Ngata last December. Only a month later, Griffin had reconstructive surgery on both his ACL and LCL. With an estimated recovery time of six to eight weeks, it was questionable whether RG III would be ready for the start of off-season training. General Manager Bruce Allen reportedly said in reference to RG III:

“It’s too early to tell right now. He is doing everything that the doctors want him to do. He’s a great worker. I think that’s why there’s so much optimism that he’ll be ready at the beginning. But it’s really too premature to speculate on where his medical condition is until we give him a physical when training camp starts July 25.”

Allen said this only three weeks ago and with even the GM not being optimistic about Griffin participating in camp, why would anyone else have been?  One person has been certain from the outset that Griffin would be ready and that’s RG III himself. When Griffin was asked shortly after Allen gave his comment whether the first day of training camp would be a realistic goal, he instantly responded “Without a doubt.” As recently as yesterday, RG III has talked about how he has been feeling good and will most likely be at training camp:

“I am feeling better, and that’s a positive thing. As far as training camp. … I’m pretty confident I’ll be there.”

RG III’s track record (no pun intended) leaves no doubt in my mind that he will be ready. When Griffin went down against Northwestern State in September of 2009, the Baylor Bears were devastated by the loss of their standout sophomore who would end up sitting out the remainder of the season with an ACL injury. After Griffin red-shirted the following season, expectations were low for the 2011 Bears, but not only did Griffin come back…he did so better and went on to win the greatest award a college football player can earn: the Heisman.

Then there’s the fact that RG III has been discussing his injury with players around the league in order to gain insight about how to recover. Most notably, Griffin has spoken with the ACL recovery story of last season (and possibly all time) Adrian Peterson. All the advice from past success stories paired with the work ethic that brought him back from his first ACL injury gives RG III an excellent shot of coming back strong for training camp or, at the very least, the start of the 2013 season…sorry Eagles fans.

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