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Richie Incognito Apologizes on Twitter

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Wilfredo Lee/AP

Wilfredo Lee/AP

It has been a very wild week for Richie Incognito. Incognito was one of the biggest headlines this week ( behind Michael Sam). The media and everything overwhelmed Richie Incognito and that has clearly showed up on Twitter. Incognito has been expressing his anger and emotions on twitter lately.

First, Incognito fired his agent on Twitter. Yes, on Twitter, as crazy as it sounds.

Incognito fires his agent on twitter. Credit: Shane Richardson

Incognito fires his agent on twitter. Credit: Shane Richardson

A day later, Incognito apologized for his actions and misbehavior. He tweeted:


Incognito then tweeted:


I have great empathy towards Richie Incognito and his family as they are experiencing rough times. The media has given him a headache and he really just wants to play football. I am sure Incognito has learned his lesson and is probably dwelling over his ‘bullying’ actions towards Jonathan Martin.

Sports-Kings Down and Distance Contributor Ahmed Isaq @Isaq_SK


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