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Richmond Arby’s takes a shot at Bill Belichick

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast
(Scott Allen/TWP)

(Scott Allen/TWP)

As the Patriots and Redskins get together this week for joint training camp practices there will be a special spot for Pats head coach Bill Belichick should he decide he needs to grab a bite to eat.

A Richmond, VA Arby’s located near the Redskins’ practice facilities has a spot reserved for the coach, but it doesn’t specifically say it’s for the Hoodie.

The sign, as seen above, takes a few jabs at Belichick. The first being the “Former HC of the NYJ”. This goes back to when Bill Parcells resigned as head coach of the Jets in 2000 – and a day later Belichick was promoted to head coach, a position he didn’t want. As a professional, Belichick turned in a written notice to the club, reportedly on a napkin, saying “I resign as HC of the NYJ” – and that was that.

The second jab is the binoculars, a shot at Bill from the fallout of the infamous Spygate scandal in which the Patriots were caught illegally filming other teams practices and signals under the watch of Hoodie in 2007.

If Belichick feels the need to grab a roast beef and curly fries from the tall cowboy hat, he’ll be able to do so without looking for a parking spot!

[H/T: Washington Post]

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