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Seahawks fans break Guinness mark for loudest stadium

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During last night's Sunday Night Football game, the Seahawks fans broke the record for the loudest stadium noise ever (Credit:

During last night’s Sunday Night Football game, the Seahawks fans broke the record for the loudest stadium noise ever (Credit:

Plenty of teams around the NFL and college believe that the fan noise can provide the team with a 12th man. In the collegiate ranks, stadiums like Texas A&M’s Kyle Field have signs proclaiming it as “home of the 12th man”. In the NFL, that honor now belongs to the Seattle Seahawks.

During last night’s Sunday Night Football Game during NFC West rivals San Francisco 49ers, the Seahawks fan broke the Guinness record for the loudest stadium noise. In fact, they broke the record twice. The first record breaking noise came during the end of the first quarter.

When Seahawks defensive lineman Michael Bennett sacked 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick with 1:15 left in the first quarter, the crowd erupted to the tune of 131.9 decibels. That broke the previous record of 131.76 by a soccer crowd in Istanbul.

That record did not last long because the crowd broke 131.9 decibels during the third quarter of the game. During a third quarter goal-line stand, the crowd noise reached 136.6 decibels according to Bill Stewart, the sound engineer and partner at SSA Acoustics in Seattle who did the measuring. Robertson said he could feel a clipboard vibrate in his hand.

Robertson also added that the recording device was in the South end of the stadium, which was the opposite side of the goal-line stand. He believes if the device was in the North end of the stadium, it would have record an even louder measuring. has a noise comparison chart of Sunday’s game, compared with other rather loud noises.

Event                                                         Decibels
Jet take off                                                   150
Aircraft carrier deck                               140
Sunday’s game                                      136.6
Thunderclap                                               120
Live rock music                                         110
Jackhammer                                               100

After last night, the Seahawks are undoubtedly home of the 12th man in the NFL.

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