Seahawks sign 12 year-old to a five-year deal

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

Sometimes the best stories go unnoticed. Here at Down and Distance we don’t allow that.

Check out this heartwarming story from Seattle:

The Seahawks signed Kevin Lee to a five-year deal.

You’ve never heard of Kevin Lee? That’s because he’s an undrafted free agent. He’s also 12 years-old and has a life-threatening heart condition, and he’s a HUGE Seahawks fan.

As part of ESPN’s new “My wish” segment debuting on SportsCenter tonight (8/17) at 11 EST, they’ve made a dream come true, signing Lee to the deal, although he jokes and says he wanted a six-year deal, but he’ll take what he can get.

The segment will debut tonight where they’ll highlight the entire My Wish hangout with Seahawks coaches and players. Be sure to catch it!

Check out the video released by ESPN on Facebook regarding the signing!

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32 Responses to Seahawks sign 12 year-old to a five-year deal

  • Hope it has a no cut no trade clause so the kid has to stick around to fulfill the contract. Nice job Seahawks.

  • Story like this make it worthy to read. Awesome Seahawks. You are No#1 in my books.Wish more sports clubs took the approach you did.You made a child smile from ear to ear and have great memories.

  • I like the way the Seahawks play football, but after reading this story I’m in love them. What a beautiful thing to do for Kevin. Class and heart seems to be the way for this team. How can you not love them? GO SEAHAWKS, TAKE KEVIN TO THE SUPER BOWL AND GET THE KID A RING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Fantastic stuff.

  • this is the best way that a sports team can restore some of the publics faith in their teams. To many are just in it for the money not in it to make people smile. the Seattle SeaHawks show us that is not always true. The took time to make a ill childs wish come true and went way beyond any thing he could of dreamed of. god bless you SeaHawks

  • Nice job SEAHAWKS! We need more uplifting stories like this!

  • First class Seahawks

  • wow now if they would do something from the goodness of their heart and not for the news

    • Sheena Lucas…How do you know they don’t?

    • Way to try and take an uplifting story and try to make it negative Sheena. I live in Washington and am just now hearing about this. If they were just doing it for publicity it would have blasted all over Washington news, then and still, and that was not the case. Russell doesn’t take the media with him every Tuesday when he goes to Children’s. Maybe you should stop being so negative and that will be something good for you to do from the heart.

    • Sheena Lucas is not only trying to be a troll, but she is even attempting to look like one. I’d say another facelift or two and she’ll be upgraded to a troll look-a-like!

    • Maybe you should look into what Seahawks player Russel Wilson and another Seattle native Macklemore does at the children’s hospital.

    • Sheena why bring negativity into a positive situation. The bottom line is: This child is seriously ill, and they are giving him a glimmer of hope and a dash of happiness. That’s what really matters. If the boy is smiling, I’m smiling. I would rather see this be news, than something negative like players getting into trouble and so on.

    • The press conference was part of the wish.

    • Sheena Lucas, sounds like someone is jealous. I’m sure you felt the same way when the San Francisco Giants did similar for BAT KID and closed down the city for his day of events… but then again, it’s all for news right??? BOB forbid that they want to do something for someone. #SHEENALUCASisaHATER

    • Way to point out the negative. Nice work! We can all be a little less happy now.

    • They are a major football team, of course it’s going to attract the news, ANYTHING they do will attract the news, it doesnt mean that they are doing it FOR the news, cunt..

    • Sheena really? Why did you have to make a comment like that? Trying to turn a heart warming story into something else. Who cares IF it was a PR stunt which I mist certainly believe it was not. The point of the story they have made a dream come true for this little boy and would do it regardless of the press they got on it just so happens they are a famous team it comes with their territory plus to share this story with others who are suffering from a CHD or other life threatening illnesses to show dreams can come true. Some people just can’t see positive they only see the negative. That’s the issue with our society

  • Just another reason I am proud to call Seattle my home. It is very common to see Hawks visiting at the local children’s hospital.

    • And tomorrow the niners will be signing a fetus to a 20 year deal…

      Congrats kid, hope you got a decent signing bonus.

  • hope he got the shoe contract clause my world the kid deserves all he can get

  • I am not a Seahawks fan (I’m a Chicagoan, sorry), however, this story and all the Seahawks did for military when we were there (and continue to do) needs to be publicized more.

  • Amen..

  • I’m not a seahawk fan.. But they just earned brownie points with me…

  • Now that they won I hope they get him a ring :)

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