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Sean Payton Asks Bill Parcells To Coach The Saints

  • Jim Racalto

Looks like Sean Payton is doing everything he can to still have an imprint on next season for the New Orleans Saints. How you ask? Well according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Payton approached Parcells about being the interim head coach of the Saints for the 2012 season.

This would be a move that would give the Saints a proven, Super Bowl-winning coach to lead them this year. It would also be a move that would bring in an outsider, and a coach who has said he’s burned out and doesn’t want to return to the sidelines.

To stick within the NFL rules, the Saints would however have to interview a minority candidate seeing that this would be a hiring that would happen outside the organization.

However, Sources familiar with Parcells offer mixed opinions as to whether he would be tempted to fill Payton’s shoes during the suspension if presented with a formal offer.

“As a friend of Sean’s and a football guy, I’m sure he’d consider it but they’re talking about a lot of things,” said one source about Parcells. “In the end, I don’t think it would happen. It makes sense but it’s complicated.”

A hangup in this ever coming to fruition is the fact that Bill Parcells would have to wait another five years to be possibly elected to the Hall of Fame. However, One Hall of Fame official said the bylaws would have to be changed but did agree it is a unique situation that could merit discussion. The five-year Hall of Fame clock may not have to be restarted if Parcells took a role with the Saints that did not specifically involve coaching.

If the Saints believe they need a proven Super Bowl-winning head coach, the Big Tuna may be headed to the Big Easy.

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