Seven cities lining up to host Super Bowl LII

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Could the Denver Broncos host the 2018 Super Bowl? (Credit: Flickr)

Could the Denver Broncos host the 2018 Super Bowl? (Credit: Flickr)

With Super Bowl XLVII over, we look towards the future sites of Super Bowls. Next year’s Super Bowl will be the first championship game held in a cold weather city as New York City (more accurately New Jersey) plans to host the event. In 2015, the University of Phoenix stadium in Arizona will play host to the NFL’s championship game. Beyond the next two years, the NFL has yet to announce which stadiums will host the event.

Which stadium will be home to the Super Bowl is determined by a bidding system. The NFL entertains offers from stadiums and whichever location offers the most amount of money is given the rights to the Super Bowl. The NFL is already taking offers for which stadium will host the Super Bowl in five years.

According to ProFootballTalk, seven cities have already shown interest in hosting the 2018 Super Bowl.

Those seven cities include New Orleans, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, and San Francisco.

ProfootballTalk also mentioned that Houston, Miami or San Francisco will be hosting the 2016 and 2017 Super Bowls. That means, essentially, only five cities will receive a shot at the 2018 Super Bowl.

With bidding not yet officially closed, other cities could jump in and bid as well and grow the list.

The most interesting city on the list has to be Denver. I would love to see a Super Bowl in Denver.

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