Shaun Phillips says he has “seen a lot of cheating” in NFL

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While addressing the team allegedly using an illegal substance on their gloves last Monday night, line backer Shaun Phillips said he sees a lot of cheating in the NFL (Credit: AP Photo)

After being news broke that the San Diego Chargers are being investigated for allegedly using an illegal substance on their gloves last Monday against Denver, the team spent most of Monday discussing the allegations. Head coach Norv Turner spoke with the media earlier today and line backer Shaun Phillips spoke out about the team being deemed cheaters.

“Cheater is a big word,” Phillips said.  “I’ve seen a lot of cheating in the NFL.  I don’t know that you could consider the use of Stickum to be cheating.  But it always sucks because you never want to be cast as a cheater.  All you have to do is keep playing and doing what you’re doing.  Let people say what they have to say and take care of your own business.”

How the NFL will handle this situation depends on whether or not the substance found on their gloves was illegal or not.

After the investigation is complete, we will bring you more on the possible punishments of the Chargers.

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