Small School Player Bios and Scouting Report: Part 1 Janoris Jenkins

  • Jim Racalto

Janoris Jenkins: Northern Alabama
Background Character:
Leadership: 5 (Below Average NFL Skill Level)
Attitude: 4.5 (Great 2nd Tier Skill)
Work Ethic: 4.5 (Great 2nd Tier Skill)
Off the Field Attitude: 3 (Great 3rd Tier Skill)
Coachability: 4.5 (Great 2nd Tier Skill)
Production: 5.5 (Adequate NFL Skill)
Balance: 8 (Great NFL Skill)
Flexibility: 8 (Great NFL Skill)
Change of Directions: 7.5 (Very Good NFL Skill)
Coordination: 7.5 (Very Good NFL Skill)
Agility: 8 (Great NFL Skill)
Body Type: 6 (Average NFL Skill)
Man to Man: 9.5 (NFL Elite)
Ball Skills: 7.5 (Very Good NFL Skill)
Press: 7.5 (Very Good NFL Skill)
Closing Speed: 9 (Special NFL Skill)
Zone: 6.5 (Solid NFL Skill)
Body Control: 7.5 (Very Good NFL Skill)
Tackling: 8 (Great NFL Skill)
Footwork: 7.5 (Very Good NFL Skill)
Physicality: 9.5 (NFL Elite)
Hip Fluidity: 8.5 (Outstanding NFL Skill)
Hand Use: 7.5 (Very Good NFL Skill)
Turn and Run: 8.5 (Outstanding NFL Skill)
Player Comparison:
Darrell Revis
Projected Round:*
2nd Round (Undrafted)

Overall Grade:

        Summary & Thoughts:

It’s my opinion that Janoris Jenkins would best fit in a Man Based Defensive Scheme; I don’t see him being drafted though. The projected round is based off of multiple sites that have put it up. I think his character is the ultimate turn off. NFL Teams are looking for people with  good character to be a part of their organization and Jenkins is absolutely not worth a pick prior to the 7th round, based on his character alone. He’s a physically gifted human being, but if I were the GM of a team I would ignore him, unless I trust my team enough to put him in his place. He has several kids with several women, he’s been arrested multiple times for drugs, and he transferred from Florida to Northern Alabama so he could get himself off of drugs. At one time he seemed like a surefire Top 20 Pick, but as I said, character is one of the more important factors in deciding who to draft and his character is unquestionably terrible.

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