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Spurrier says Jadeveon Clowney could have gone straight to NFL

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Jadeveon Clowney is a rare talent at defensive end. But is his talent wasted at the college level? (Credit: AP Photo)

Jadeveon Clowney is a rare talent at defensive end. But is his talent wasted at the college level? (Credit: AP Photo)

People that have watched South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney play will tell you that he’s bound to be a star in the NFL some day. The 6’6″, 256-pound Clowney is a force of nature, and his freakish athleticism was on display in this monster hit against Michigan in the Outback Bowl.

Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier surely enjoys having a star such as Clowney returning to the team for another year in 2013. Still, Spurrier had some high praise for Clowney today on the Dan Patrick show, saying that Clowney was good enough to go straight to the NFL out of high school.

“He could’ve come out of high school, probably, and gone straight to the NFL and played,” Spurrier said. “He’s just one of those rare guys who has tremendous strength and quickness and explosiveness. And he likes playing. He’s a good guy, he’s really a good teammate also.”

Spurrier has a good point. If you put Clowney on the field for any of the NFL playoff teams this weekend, he would surely be able to have an impact on the game. But this kind of talent does not come around very often, and Clowney and Spurrier are both looking forward to making another run at a national title with the star defensive end in tow.

The three-year rule for NFL eligibility is in place partially because most players need that much time to hone their skills before entering the NFL draft. As with every rule, there are exceptions, and Clowney is one of them. Spending this much time in college does bring the risk of serious injury hurting Clowney’s draft stock; he certainly should be concerned with that after watching what happened to teammate and potential first-rounder Marcus Lattimore this year. But Clowney should also be thankful for the chance to make a serious run at the Heisman after placing 6th in voting for college football’s most prestigious honor as a sophomore.

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