Steelers optimistic about signing Mike Wallace before training camp

  • Jim Racalto

The roller coaster of a situation between the Pittsburgh Steelers and restricted free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace has my head spinning, literally. He is the last restricted free agent to not sign his one year, $2.7 million tender offer. News out of Pittsburgh, however, suggests that the organization is still optimistic that a deal will be done relatively soon, possibly before the Steelers start training camp in nine days.

As of last week, it was reported there was little, if any, negotiations between the Steelers and Mike Wallace regarding the long-term deal he is seeking. Last month, the Steelers declined to lower Wallace’s tender from $2.7 million to $577,000, showing that they do indeed value him and see him as a part of their future for the long haul.

Mike Wallace makes a nice grab in a game from last season. (Photo courtesy of Bleacher Report.)

Training camp is just nine days away, and while there hasn’t been much negotiating, the Steelers do always find a way to make it work with their best players. ESPN’s John Clayton reported:

“No deal yet, but talking to people in the Steelers organization they’re still optimistic that something can get done and get done before training camp. And that’s they’re history, they’ve always been good about taking care of their top players … and now Mike Wallace is one of their top young players. So even though nothing is close at the moment, there is still time before the start of camp and people in the Steelers organization are confident they can get something done, that there will be no hold out, and Wallace will be signed to a long-term deal.” 

This is a good point by Clayton. LaMarr Woodley, Lawrence Timmons, and Troy Polamalu all received their long-term contracts after training camp began, so no reason to hit the panic button. I am confident Mike Wallace will be in the picture for a long time in Pittsburgh, it’s just a question of when and how in terms of the Steelers pulling the trigger.

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