Steelers’ Ryan Clark launches Sickle Cell Campaign

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Pittsburgh Steelers Safety Ryan Clark will have missed the last two games his team has played due to a sickle cell blood disorder.

Due to the high altitudes in Denver Colorado, Clark had to sit out of the Steelers playoff loss to the Broncos, and he’ll miss the season opener at Denver as well.

It’s been a burden on him in terms of being on the field – but off of it, he’s raising awareness. Yahoo! Sports reports that Clark has teamed up with a Pittsburgh Area Hospital to help raise awareness for those who suffer from sickle cell blood disorder.

They write 

Clark and UPMC launched the ”Cure League” on Tuesday, hoping to bring more attention to sickle cell disease. Clark is one an estimated 2 million Americans who suffer from the disorder. He had to have his spleen removed after the disease was aggravated playing at high elevation in Denver in 2007. He eventually lost 35 pounds and was forced to miss the rest of the season. He will travel but not play for the Steelers on Sunday night when they hit the road to face the Broncos to open the 2012 campaign.

This initiative focuses on education, donations and support that will enable researchers to learn how to provide better care and hopefully help lead to a cure.

It’s a good push by Clark. Charity work never gets the praise it deserves, and Clark can speak from experience on the disorder. Props to him and his hard work at helping put this thing together for the millions that suffer from it!


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