Steve Weatherford gets drug tested today after several long punts last night

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During yesterday’s game, New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford had several booming kicks. For the game, Weatherford had five punts for 273 total yards or a 54.6 yard per punt average. Throughout the game, Weatherford had a 68-yard and 67-yard punt. Although Weatherford averages the seventh highest punt yards in the league (yes, I actually checked), he was also assisted by 20+ mile per hour winds last night.

After such a spectacular game, Weatherford Tweeted today that he was greeted by a “random” drug test by the NFL when he got to work today.

Maybe it really was random or maybe the NFL saw his performance yesterday and wanted to make sure he was not on steroids.

And after seeing his Punter Power ads, if I was in charge of the NFL’s drug testing, I might want to check to make sure Weatherford is clean as well

(Credit: Men's Fitness)

(Credit: Men’s Fitness)

I wonder if the league tested Peyton Manning after his seven touchdowns in week one.

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