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A storm is brewing in Tampa Bay

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Trouble brewing in Tampa Bay?

Things aren’t going as planned for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so far this season. It started with the Bucs losing in Week One to the supposed laughing-stock  New York Jets. Following that epic loss, they proceeded to lose against their divisional rival New Orleans Saints, in week two.

A storm seems to be brewing behind the scenes at Raymond James Stadium. It all began with starting quarterback and former team captain, Josh Freeman, seeming to fall out of favor with strict head coach Greg Schiano. When the players voted on their captains for the upcoming season, Freeman, who had held one of the captain spots for each of the last three years, did not get a “C” for 2013. The players apparently preferred wide receiver Vincent Jackson for the role. Drama quickly ensued, as there was suggestion that Schiano had rigged the vote, making sure Freeman never retained the captaincy.

Schiano has strongly denied all allegations of the vote fixing. “The players vote, the votes are tabulated by me” Schiano told the Tampa Tribune. Upon being asked whether the vote was legitimate he replied “That’s what I said yes, I know there’s a story out there, its 100% false, if there was such a thing as 102%, this would be it”

It’s not just Josh Freeman who can claim to be unhappy with Greg Schiano, as he is alienating players from his team with what is being described as more of a military regime than a football team. One of the first players to jump ship (excuse the pun), was tight end Kellen Winslow, who is now with the Jets. Winslow’s main reason for leaving was relationship problems he was having with Schiano.

The latest player to add Schiano to his blacklist is been shut-down corner Darrelle Revis, who is apparently irritated by the strict environment in Tampa Bay. We should take that with a grain of salt however, as he came from arguably the biggest circus in football. Revis also has problems with Schiano not playing to his strengths, as he is playing in a defense with a distinct lack of man to man coverage.

It has been common belief around the NFL that Greg Schiano’s way of running things does not translate to the NFL.  It might have worked in college, as bringing along a young group of athletes who haven’t been that far away from home in their lives requires that type of approach. But speaking to a group of highly paid professional athletes in the same way was never going to go down well.

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