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Tavon Austin: “Everybody expects a lot of things from you as far as money.”

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The St. Louis Rams moved up in April’s NFL Draft to select former West Virginia wide receiver Tavon Austin. In the weeks following, life has been changing at a rapid pace for the dynamic speedster. In addition to learning a complex NFL offense and getting ready to relocate permanently to St. Louis, Austin has also had to adjust to his new found fame and fortune on the fly.


Just people,” Austin said. “Everybody expects a lot of things from you as far as money. Everybody wants to be around you. My phone doesn’t stop ringing now. It feels like they’re counting my bank account now. So that’s probably the hardest thing for me right now, just people.

“I’ve got a lot of cousins now. The whole (city of) Baltimore is my cousin now. We’re going to just try to keep focused and let my mother and all of them handle it.”

To get away from all the hoopla of people coming out of the wood work, Austin has immersed himself in football and learning the Rams offense:

After arriving in St. Louis earlier in the week, Austin has spent his time this week working on understanding the playbook of offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, getting to know a whole batch of new teammates and even things as simple as adjusting to practicing on a grass field.

“You’re definitely anxious,” Austin said. “You want to see all the top guys here. The vets come in next week, but you have to first get your mark today. I think we did a pretty good job today, so we’ll keep on going from here.”

There are plenty of expectations for Austin to come right in and make a difference for a Rams team looking to turn the corner in the ultra competitive NFC West. For now, he is not letting outside influences hinder is progress. We’ve seen a lot of athletes let the people around them and their monetary decisions bring them down. Let’s hope Tavon Austin can keep his focus solely on football. So far, he’s on the right track.


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