Texans Coach Bill O’Brien Bans Segways

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Football players, as a general rule, probably are athletic enough to walk from place to place, except maybe punters, but we busted that myth yesterday. However, under the Gary Kubiak administration, the Houston Texans used segways to get around the practice facility. In fact, Arian Foster once bought some for his entire offensive line. Well, I guess the O-line will have to start using them at home, because new Texans coach Bill O’Brien won’t let them use the segways at practice anymore.

Via The Houston Chronicle:

A new coach emphasizing a team-first mentality has changed that. And taken away the team’s highly-prized personal Segways.

First-year coach Bill O’Brien gave a one-word response Wednesday to a question about whether the 2014 Texans would still be allowed to use the two-wheeled scooters, which regularly transported players to practice and throughout the long hallways of NRG Stadium.

“No,” a straight-faced O’Brien said.

This is one of those things that new coaches do to change the persona of a team; you see if often when a new guy takes over. Chip Kelly did something very similar last year when he banished Andy Reid’s tradition of Taco Tuesday. Did the Eagles win the NFC East because they stopped eating tacos on Tuesdays? Probably not, but it was a sign of Reid’s regime still on the team. Will the Texans make the playoffs because they got rid of Segways? I’d say no, but hey, you never know when the extra cardio they’re getting now will came in handy!

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