The San Diego Cheaters: Chargers busted using illegal stick-em substance

  • Justin "Arby" Arbogast

Just when people thought that it couldn’t get worse for the San Diego Chargers, it has.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reports that the Chargers were caught using an illegal “stick-em” type substance in Monday Night’s loss to the Denver Broncos.



The substance helps players get a grip on the ball, and it contains just enough adhesive to get the ball to stick, thus making catching the ball easier.

It was banned from the NFL in 1981.

Glazer Tweeted:  “NFL Security has already begun investigation as SD equipment man was hiding illegal sticky substance and giving to players. Line judge saw it and had it confiscated and sent to broncos and league”

The league takes matters like this VERY seriously as it creates a shift in competitive advantage – something the league prides itself on.

Stay tuned for updates, as there is sure to be some type of punishment for such actions.

It must have washed off at halftime.

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